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Creating fun, interactive promotional tools and programs devoted to building and enhancing self-esteem in children.

V-Team U-DO Book --- click on image to enlarge

V-Team U-DO Book --- click on image to enlarge

USA Values/V-Team® Program

V-Team U-DO Book --- click on image to enlarge

The first 3 U-DO Books created for USA Values focused on the core concepts of Honesty,

Courage and Friendship, and introduced the readers to the V-Team; group of ethnically-diverse pals who face life's challenges together and model important character building virtues.

USA Values' strategy is to match schools with businesses willing to fund this innovative series, and was used in over six dozen schools. The USA Values pilot program had a resounding success rate with 65% reduction in negative behavior among children who completed the series.

USA Values is a ground-breaking initiative which provides schools with the tools they need to help instill positive values in children. From the initial concept stages, BOLDT. worked with management to create the overall design of the program including the emphatic tag line "Today's children, Tomorrow's future."

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