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Creating Your U-DO Book

Story Development:

Each story is uniquely written to support your initiatives.

These stories help children deal with difficult situations in a positive and healthy way, while supporting your initiatives.

A common thread in BOLDT.'s stories is a message that encourages children to recognize their own personal strengths.

We will collaborate with your staff to develop the story. If the subject matter requires a particular expertise, we can work

with an individual U select or we will seek the assistance of a credible and approved partner.

Character Development:

Our U-DO Books always include characters that are politically correct and ethnically diverse. U-DO Books ensure a successful

character-driven program by creating a world in which the character interacts with children in compelling, real-life situations.

Our professional illustrators will...

• Create/develop custom characters to fit your initiatives

• Use your current character(s) or give them a fresh look

• Create the style of your choice, from cartoony to realistic

Graphic Design

Our U-DO Books catch the attention of today's youth with:

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