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A Burnsafe Educational U-DO Book

U-DO Book: 32 page book with four 4-color 3D imagery

cover pages. Includes 25 page illustrated story, 3 activity

pages, feedback page, merchandise program and a

"You know the Cool Rule - Now Pass it On!" certificate.

Distribution: Elementary and Middle Schools and the

Brave Hearts Camp.

©2000 - 2022 BOLDT. All Rights Reserved                                                                                                                                                                                                     

People's Burn Foundation

CC and The Cool Rule!

featuring Cool Cat

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 2000-091889 ISBN#: 0-9662556-5-8

To avoid being late for school, Everado doesnt let breakfast cool and burns his mouth.

At school, Stephanie tells him of her serious burn she received reaching across the stove.

With the help of CC (Cool Catt), together they learn being safe is cool. One important way

to be safe is to be Burnsafe. Wanting to know more, CC invites them to "Get on the Team! -

the SafeTeam" and help keep all their friends Burnsafe. Then by visual example, CC and

his friends share how everyone that learns the "Cool Rule" can be a "Captain of the Team".

The Cool Rule is: "Can it burn you, can it not? Is it cool or is it hot?"

BOLDT. created "BurnSafe" and "CC and the Cool Rule!"

name and story, along with the "CC" name and character.

Shawn Tabor

People's Burn Foundation

"There is no better way to communicate with families and

children on the importance of remaining Burnsafe then

with effective and engaging educational materials like the

U-DO Book... Your genuine passion and love for the

well being of children is evident and contagious...

Thank you for all U-DO".

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