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"Many grateful parents have commented on how they

have been looking for something like this, but just

haven't been able to find it... Thank you for providing

an excellent resource. We need more materials like

this U-DO Book covering other important health issues."

Dr. Kristin Laufer

Children's Pediatrics

BOLDT. created "Project: Science Fair" name and story.

This award winning book was funded by a grant from

GlaxoSmithKline in an effort to expand available Asthma


U-DO Book: 24 page book with four 4-color cover pages.

Includes 23 page illustrated story, activity page, and a

"U now have Asthma under control" Certificate.

Distribution: Pediatric and Physicians offices in the U.S.

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An Asthma Action U-DO Book

Project: Science Fair

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 2001-129008 ISBN#: 0-9662556-6-6

To earn extra credit Lana and the new student, Victoria, team-up and enter the Science Fair.

In hopes of getting an idea for the science project, Lana tags along to the doctor with her

little brother Tony. At the doctor's office, Lana runs into Victoria learning she has Asthma.

With the help of Dr. Amy, Lana and Victoria learn all there is to know on what causes

someone to have Asthma and the different medications to help control the Asthma symptoms.

Lana and Victoria not only earn their extra credit at the Science Fair, they win the blue ribbon!

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