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Creating fun, interactive promotional tools and programs devoted to building and enhancing self-esteem in children.

SafeTeam® Program

BOLDT.'s next challenge was a special violence prevention program developed with the

Minnesota Department of Education and UPN Channel 9. The SafeTeam Kids Club was

distributed to over 500,000 children throughout the states elementary schools supported by Television specials, U-DO Books, newsletters and merchandise. Its highly successful lessons about resolving conflict in a non-violent way won BOLDT. the National Association of Broadcasters' "Best of the Best" award for service to children.

3 K-Mon U-DO Books --- click on image to enlarge

As part of a pilot program with Cub Foods/SuperValu and KMSP Channel 9, BOLDT. created

and published the first of 3 U-DO Books. Through the adventures of the K-Mon Kids over

300,000 children learned about friendship and self-esteem. BOLDT. tracked the effectiveness

of the program, by asking readers to write back and explain what they learned from the story.

The response rate was an astounding 30%.

K-Mon® Kids Program

SafeTeam Program --- click on image to enlarge

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