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U-DO Book: 24 page book with four 4-color cover pages.

Includes 21 page illustrated story, 3 activity pages, and a

"U plan a healthy month" calendar.

Distribution: Elementary Schools across the nation.

Celebrating National Nutrition Month; Kellogg's, sponsored

a free breakfast for students and parents at their school.

Kellogg's - Breakfast Mates

A Healthy Nutritional U-DO Book

Morning Matters

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 99-94632 ISBN#: 0-9662556-4-X

With Dad away on business and Mom busy with the new baby, Brett works hard at home to

help his little sister, Savannah. He is so busy every morning making her breakfast and helping

with her reading after school that he doesn't have enough time to eat properly. As a result, his

energy level drops along with his grades. With the help of his coach, parents and Savannah,

Brett realizes that "Morning Matters". By working together and taking time to eat and exercise

properly, he can accomplish his goals and maintain a healthy balance.

Robert Gabsa

Innova Marketing

"The response rate was great... Nothing but compliments

from both the schools and parents... we truly appreciate

your complete understanding and vision in creating the

Healthy Nutritional U-DO Book; a brilliant and effective

marketing tool that met all our client's objectives."

BOLDT. created "Morning Matters" name and story

for Innova Marketing's client, Kellogg's and their new

product Breakfast Mates.

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