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U-DO Books are customized specifically for each company. 

The story is created/written just for your initiative, using your existing characters or mascot; if U don't have one, we'll create one for U!  The complete U-DO Book and story is developed to meet all of your company's objectives/goals.

• Feedback (web) Page  A page asking "What did U learn from the story" and/or "Tell us your Real Stuff - good or bad!"

                                         providing kids a way to express how they really feel about who and where they are in their lives.

• Sweepstakes             Encourages participation, and offer prizes such as PCs or bikes.

• Award Certificates    4-color frameable certificate as a reward for participation.

• Kids Clubs                "Everyone's a Member" giving the reader a sense of belonging.

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Customizing Your U-DO Book

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• Sponsorships            Personalized covers and product placement within stories.

There are many options for customizing your U-DO Book that will enhance your program, at no extra cost:

"By listening to your objectives, understanding your goals and knowing how to effectively communicate them."

How do we do it?

• Coupons                    Could be standard or interactive -- i.e., used as part of a "scavenger hunt" which brings children

                                      to the store to investigate product prices or other pertinent facts; and/or a "Buy one, share one" offers.

• Cross Promotions     Advertise and promote other special upcoming initiatives and programs.

• Activity Pages           Mazes, message decoding (using sign language) and key

                                      word finds that reinforce important lessons from the story.

• Merchandising          Excellent vehicle to generate funds for your organization or cause.

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