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BOLDT. creates and produces award winning publications,

entertainment properties and products distributed to 27 countries.

Surprises® Magazine

Surprises the award winning subscription-based children's magazine. BOLDT. transformed the publication of 14 years, by giving it a new exciting soul. Creatively resurrected Surprises into the official 3D magazine; using ChromaDepth 3D glasses, which creates astonishing multi-dimensional images that limbo off the page.

As the editor and publisher, BOLDT. went to work creating & producing this new cutting-edge publication, with groovy-delic, mod, eye catching graphics and aggressive marketing initiatives that increased readership to well over 100,000 children. BOLDT. utilized Surprises as a vehicle to launch some extremely viable merchandising & licensing properties; Leah & Friends, GOOD GOOD GOOD Sounds, and the out-of-control-in-orbit, Houston-we've-lost-radar monster hit the Rubba Ducks.

Leah & Friends - GOOD X3
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Few covers & sample pages - click on image to enlarge

Leah & Friends began as a line of merchandise featuring a lively teen named Leah.

In order to create a distinct market identity for these already appealing characters, BOLDT.

developed a story series and Kids Club featuring Leah and her ethnically diverse friends.

Proud member!

Leah & Friends®

BOLDT. created a warm, fun loving group of friends whose adventures in Surprises magazine

entertained and empowered young girls. The Leah & Friends "Friends Forever Club"

encouraged readers to write to Leah, telling her about their lives and the challenges they face

(used for story subject matter), and offer special discounts on Leah & Friends merchandise.

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