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Turnaround Time:

BOLDT. completes the customized books within 30-45 days.

Times may very based upon your approval process.

Development Process:

Starting with a face-to-face meeting or conference call, we discuss your company's goals, any characters U already use,

and brainstorm possible story ideas. A few days later, we return with a story synopsis and work with U to finalize the plot.

U are as involved in the line-by-line story development and the overall design as much as U want or need to be.


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Developing Your U-DO Book

• Character & story development

• Illustration & design

• Pre-press & film

BOLDT. strongly believes that customized cause marketing programs should not cost more simply because they are

an effective way of getting positive results. The goal is to produce and distribute as many copies of your book to children.

Cost for development is all-inclusive and includes:

Cost for printing the in-expensive book is determined by:

• Number of pages

• Desired quantity/copies

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