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Rainforest Cries - GOOD X3
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A series of musical storybooks and animated videos designed

to provide viewers with positive images of strong female role

models. Produced in both English and Spanish, this musical

series hosted by the bilingual - at the time, 10 yr-old prodigy

Jacqueline Jaquez and featured adorable animals in a

stop-motion animated style.

Cinderella Mouse - Furry Tales
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Furry Tales Music CD - click on image to enlarge

Music CD -click on image to enlarge

Furry Tales Show - click on image to enlarge

With over 100,000 copies sold, this kind of music is made just for U! The GOOD X3 music CD

has great rhythm, which makes it fun to dance to and sing along with. The lyrics of the songs

makes U feel good about yourself and the world we live in. Its all GOOD GOOD GOOD!

Rainforest Cries,one of the featured songs on the GOOD X3 CD,was written for BOLDT.'s

national save-the-rain-forest PSA campaign, and sung by the - at the time, 9 yr-old sensation

Jacqueline Jaquez. The John Lennon original song-writing award honored Rainforest Cries.

Furry Tales® Traditional Tales with a Twist

Furry Tales is not just told, it is performed by talented

character voices who bring every adorable animal to life.

As the voice of the main character, Jacqueline narrates the story and sings the original songs.

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