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BOLDT. created "Awareness Is Doing Something"

name and story. This award winning book was developed in

partnership with The Ryan White Foundation in a national

effort to expand available HIV/AIDS resources.

U-DO Book: 32 page book with four 4-color 3D imagery

cover pages. Includes 23 page illustrated story, activity

page, 2 feedback pages and HIV/AIDS fact pages.

Distribution: U.S Elementary and Middle Schools.

As a resource tool for MN AIDS Project, Camp Heartland

and other U.S AIDS organizations.

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The Ryan White Foundation

An AIDS Educational U-DO Book

Awareness Is Doing Something

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 98-93592 ISBN#: 0-9662556-2-3

Katrina feels like she doesn't fit in anymore. Then she hears about a boy named Robert

who has to leave school because he has a disease people don't understand, and people

are afraid of what they don't understand. Through hard work and vision, Katrina helps

educate her schoolmates about AIDS while bringing them together to do an AIDS walk.

This helps Katrina realize that she has talents that make her special.

Paul R. Sathrum

National Education Association

"Before young people will adopt behavior change they

must see that this is something that impacts them.

As part of a comprehensive program, this book will

do that. The U-DO Book is an effective way to humanize

the HIV/AIDS epidemic."

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