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As a children's marketing specialist...

BOLDT. creates fun interactive, educational tools and programs devoted to instill a positive mindset and values in children, while providing them with a clear understanding on how to resolve difficult life issues - as they happen - in a productive and healthy manner.

Mom/Dad are overwhelmed with the expectations and responsibilities

of their role as parents. They continually seek assistance from the schools

and educators in making their jobs easier.


And, today's children also demand more. They do not want to be undermined; they want to be challenged, empowered and most importantly excited.


More and more, companies like MADD, Polaroid, National Center for Missing Exploited Children and The NRA recognize a need to make a difference in their communities by implementing marketing programs with real value that work.

It's time to rethink the consumer marketing/promotional strategy.

"Our mission and passion are to provide organizations and businesses with a means to

effectively meet their marketing initiatives as they communicate values to today's children."

Our popular U-DO Books

A customized comic/story book that engages and empowers children

through the compelling and meaningful story and illustrations while it

strengthens the client's important marketing/promotional message.

And, this is exactly what BOLDT. Creative does best!

"By helping children to become more self-confident and better able to

make informed decisions about life's tough issues, we're providing our

future adults with the skills to make a difference in the 21st Century!"

                                                                                                  - Mark Boldt

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